“I was so embarrassed about my bladder control problem, but after only 6 weeks… I stopped worrying about accidental leaks. What a relief!”

Incontinence is a common issue, but NOT normal!

No matter what your age or physical condition, YOU can be a victim of female incontinence. Millions of women struggle everyday with bladder control problems. You may be one of them.

Whether you dribble once or twice a year or regularly leak when sneezing or laughing, you can do something about it!

What is stress incontinence?

There are many forms of incontinence. However, stress incontinence is the most common form. Stress incontinence is the inability to hold urine when pressure or stress is put on the bladder. For example, coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects can result in an accidental leak.

Why does it happen?

Most commons cases of incontinence are due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Leaky bladders can be caused by pregnancy, a urinary tract infection, muscular problems, childbirth, hormone imbalance or menopause.

It only happens once in awhile! Do I really need to worry?

YES! Your bladder is not supposed to leak… EVER!
Even a small incontinence problem, if not treated, can lead to very serious health concerns such as a prolapsed organ. This means the pelvic floor muscles become so weak that they can no longer support the pelvic organs. The uterus or bladder can slip out of place, fall through the vagina and cause a lot of discomfort.

What can I do? Is there incontinence treatment?

No matter what the reason for your leaky bladder… or how serious it is… There is HOPE!


“The Freedom From Your Leaky Bladder Program” is a simple 6 week, ALL-NATURAL approach to a healthy bladder. With the right bladder control steps, it’s easy to overcome your bladder control problems. You will learn about…

  • Kegel exercises – how to do them the right way!
  • Ben Wa balls – what they are and how they work
  • Your diet – how it affects your bladder
  • Lifestyle changes – help retrain your body
  • Urinary habits you need to know - things your mother and doctor never told you
  • BONUS: With toned PC muscles, you will achieve better orgasms!

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Tired of Doing the Pee-Pee Dance?

Take the bladder freedom quiz to find out more about your bladder!

PPDance 1) Yes No I sometimes feel that I haven’t completely emptied my bladder.
2) Yes No I’m embarrassed to talk about my bladder control problems, even to my doctor.
3) Yes No I believe that urinary incontinence is a natural part of getting older.
4) Yes No I am anxious about strenuous exercise, playing with the kids, going for long walks, etc. for fear of accidentally leaking.
5) Yes No I sometimes wear panty liners, pads or Depends in case of a leak or dribble.
6) Yes No When I cough, sneeze or laugh, I sometimes worry that I will leak or dribble in public.
7) Yes No I don’t enjoy sex as much as I used to because I’m afraid intimacy might result in a leak.
8) Yes No I sometimes leave important meetings because I must go to the bathroom.
9) Yes No I always make sure I’m close to a bathroom. When I’m out, I scout out each bathroom and the fastest route to get there.

If you answered ‘YES’ to ANY of these questions, then you will definitely benefit from this simple, 6 week Freedom From Your Leaky Bladder Program!

NOW is your chance to discover true relief… the natural way!

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You’ll soon be free from accidents AND have a better sex-life!

“It’s OK to admit it. But I know it’s not easy. In my 25 years of sex education and helping women, this is a common area of concern. It’s also one of the easiest to overcome!"

Kim Switnicki
, ECPC, ACC, Sex Educator, Speaker and Coach developed “The Freedom from Your Leaky Bladder Program” to enhance the lives of women around the world.
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"In this highly informative DVD women will find useful and practical suggestions on dealing with the challenges of leaky bladder that they can implement immediately.
I would highly recommend this DVD."Dr. John Yim, ND, Naturopathic Physician, Nanaimo, BC


BenWa BallsSIMPLE & EASY – You can use this technique anywhere, at anytime! Sitting in your car, standing in line, lying down watching TV, it doesn’t matter! Learn how to get the biggest results in just minutes a day.

SAFE - This solution takes the wisdom and theory of the good Dr. Kegel, Ben Wa Balls and blends it with modern research and technology to give you a healthy, all-natural and safe method that will change your life. These methods can fix and improve most forms of urinary incontinence naturally in weeks, not months!

EFFECTIVE - Have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to do your Kegels, but you don’t really know if you’re doing them correctly? (“I think I feel something…”) Well, if you’re not absolutely positive, then you may be doing yourself more harm than good. With the Freedom From Your Leaky Bladder method, you will be 100% SURE that you are working the right muscle.

TRUSTWORTHY – Many women have been misled, misinformed and even lied to in the past about how to do Kegels and how to urinate properly. This program contains important information about pelvic health that is clear and accurate. No more random guesswork! Achieve the results you deserve!

PRIVATEStress incontinence, even though it’s common, is often embarrassing to talk about. But you don’t have to worry anymore. You can learn this method in the privacy of your own home, on your schedule, without anyone else ever knowing what you’re doing. Every day that you follow the routine, you will be rewarded with FREEDOM!

ALL-NATURAL – Some doctors even suggest surgery to women with urinary incontinence. Why risk surgery when you can take control of your PC muscle health yourself? This way you get the added benefits of greater sexual pleasure. Surgery can’t give you that! Plus, surgery is only a temporary fix because the muscles are still weak and the problem will reoccur if the muscles aren’t strengthened. With the Freedom From Your Leaky Bladder Program, you will train your PC muscles with a natural step-by-step method that will give you peace of mind when you go out, increased sexual pleasure for you AND your partner, and healthier habits to pass on to YOUR children. Learn about the factors that affect your bladder such as excess weight, what you eat and drink and your personal habits. And the best part is – there are no side effects!

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"This video is clearly laid out and deals with a subject we need to know moreabout and just don't know where to go to get information.  Seeing visually how our bodies work is important to women.  Because of the large percentage of women that will be plagued with bladder problems, this is an excellent tool to reverse the statistic. The earlier you get started the better!"
- Paulette Roscoe
ND, Naturopathic Physician,Nanaimo, BC

"I've spent my life studying ways to help women more fully enjoy their lives. Take advantage of this free opportunity to share some of that information and expertise. "

Kim Switnicki, ECPC, ACC
Sex Educator, Speaker, Coach
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Get a FREE worksheet, 3 Part Audio Course "How to Test your PC Muscle" and Preview of the "Freedom from your Leaky Bladder" Video


Lioness LogoYou will also receive a copy of the Free, Unleash Your Inner Sex Kitten ezine from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

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